Actipotens – is the product truly effective? Does it work? Your reviews

Inflammation of the prostate gland, a problem affecting a really large number of men, which definitely is not limited exclusively to the elderly.

Nowadays, our lifestyle is not too healthy, we are constantly under stress, we consume chemically processed food products and, on top of that, we get little exercise. All of this negatively impacts our health, including the functioning of the prostate.

Burning in the crotch area, difficulty urinating, erection problems or premature ejaculation – all these may indicate that we are already struggling with prostatitis. The problem can be treated pharmacologically, but there are also special dietary supplements on the market that are supposed to alleviate the symptoms in a natural way. One of them is ActiPotens and this is the product we are now going to examine.

What is it?


Pharmacological treatment of prostatitis can not only negatively affect our health, but it does not always bring the intended results, although a lot depends, of course, on how closely the therapy prepared by the doctor hits the mark. In the case of ActiPotens, we are dealing with a very natural product, or at least the manufacturer assures us it is so. As we learn from the official information on his website, the composition of the capsules has been developed in the laboratory by a team of world-class specialists.

Prostatitis means not only discomfort in everyday life or the risk of impotence. In extreme cases, there is infertility and even prostate cancer, which is dangerous for our lives. As the manufacturer assures, regular use of the supplement is to gradually combat the bacteria, reduce inflammation and restore the proper functioning of the prostate gland. What is even more important, the company also promises that the product is perfect for men as young as just over 30 years of age, as the supplement has a preventive effect, limiting the risk of future disease.

The effectiveness as guaranteed by the manufacturer

Bed problems?

Unfortunately, on the manufacturer’s website it is difficult to find any data related to product research that has been carried out or any opinions of the customers who have decided to purchase it. We know for sure that the main component of the supplement is Tribulus terrestris. This plant actually has a positive effect on the functioning of the urinary tract. In addition, it increases the level of libido, reduces swelling during inflammation and stimulates the body to produce testosterone.

On his website, the manufacturer informs also that the use of the supplement ensures such effects as:

  • normalization of prostate function;
  • protection against the development of cancer cells in the urinary tract;
  • antibacterial action to reduce pain and burning;
  •  improving the quality of sex life, including the ability to have an erection.

In addition, the product is to support the entire immune system, improve our well-being and, to a large extent, eliminate physical and mental fatigue, especially in the case of people often undergoing stress.

Side effects?

It can also look like this…

Can the use of the ActiPotens supplement cause any unpleasant side effects? Well, the absence of laboratory test results does not allow us to fully state that this is for sure the case. However, we have the manufacturer’s assurances that the supplement is completely natural, does not contain any harmful chemicals or artificial preservatives, and is not addictive during long-term use.


Of course, the basis for upholding these safety guarantees is that the product should be administered in full accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The correct dosage is one capsule used during the day with plenty of water. It does not matter what time you take the supplement, although it is always best to do it in the morning.

As we have already mentioned, the product can be used by men of all ages and not only to remove the effects of already occurring prostate gland inflammation, but also to protect against the onset of this problem in the future.

The price – how much does a package of the supplement cost?

How much will you have to pay for protection against prostate gland inflammation or for getting rid of its unpleasant consequences? A lot depends on what you decide. The basic offer is 10 capsules and, as the manufacturer assures, 10 days of treatment is to bring full relief in regards to pain and burning. Such a package currently costs 39$ and it is a promotional price.

A longer treatment, lasting one or two months, however, is to help us get rid of prostatitis and its results are permanent. Thus, we can take advantage of the promotion by buying 3 packages, 30 capsules, but paying for two, which gives us 78 $. The last option is to buy as many as 5 packages, where two of them are free, so we have to pay 99 $.

Reviews of people using the supplement

Because it is difficult to find on the manufacturer’s website any information regarding the tests of the supplement, we decided to thoroughly review the internet and look for opinions of people who have decided to buy the product.

We found some comments which to our surprise turned out to be really quite positive. Most often we came across confirmations that the product quickly reduces the unpleasant effects of prostate gland inflammation. However, there are also comments confirming the healing effect, but only with long-term use of the product.

Where to buy it safely?

Finally, the issue of the actual purchase of ActiPotens tablets. The prices which we mentioned earlier are taken from the official store of the manufacturer.

The manufacturer’s website is the only place where we can safely order the product.

The company itself admits that it does not distribute the product through the stores, so it is the only place where we can be sure of purchasing the original supplement, and hence one that is effective and safe to use.


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Actipotens - reviews:

  1. Does it really help with potency issues? Please comment because I’d like to have some first hand information if it’s worth investing in this product.

  2. Hey. Is it possible to buy more packages? Such promotions are really cool if you find a group of people willing to make a purchase and I have one like this. We’ll split it later on and it will come out even cheaper.

  3. a warm hello to everybody. When the treatment is over, is it safe to quit the supplement for good? How effective is this protection against the illness later on? Let me know, please, if you have used this product.

  4. Does it real work or is it just another supplement in the market?

  5. What about those suffering high blood pressure. ? Is it helpfully?

    1. What
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  8. I ordered 1 for me but it’s been two weeks now, no product delivery yet. Thought 5- 7 days will be delivered..

    1. Hi i ordered last week saturday and its been delivered.
      Wise from Ghana

  9. Is this advisable to 70 above on age tnx

  10. hi, whats the axact strength of actipotens? that of 400mg or 250mg.

  11. Does it mean you have to take a pill before sex or you just have to finish the dose and everything can work out good all the time

  12. hi,am from kenya,i ordered mine 5 days ago and am already using it.thanks to Emerald freight International who delivered it to me.

  13. Thanks I have received the Actipotens delivery today

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  16. It’s true that product is effective. I used it 3yrs ago l appreciated the results. It was delivered at my door. I’m in Uganda.

  17. Where can access am in kampala

  18. Where can I get it in Kampala or in Uganda?

    1. Where can I get it in Kampala Uganda

  19. Hi I am interested in the product how can I get it and i am in Kampala Uganda

  20. Dear team of actipotens how do I order and pay for the package?


  21. I Purchased ActPotens sometime back in 2019. I had not been using it since, due to prevailing health problems. But it expires this year 2021. Is it safe anymore?

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