Prolesan Pure – does it really help lose weight in the way we expect? Your reviews

Slimming is a never-ending topic that you could literally write about for hours. There is nothing strange in this, however. Excess weight and obesity are the true civilization diseases of the 21st century. They wreak havoc on many continents and the problem itself, instead of decreasing, is constantly growing. Being overweight is not just an unattractive look that is embarrassing, especially in the case of women. It is also a real threat to health and life, so it must not be underestimated.

The popularity of dietary supplements for slimming is constantly growing…

Everybody wants to look beautiful and healthy, but the majority of people have a clear problem with dropping excess kilograms. No wonder the market reacts dynamically to the huge demand for products aimed at supporting this process. As a result, we have a real outpouring of pharmacies and stores with various dietary supplements. Each manufacturer promises extraordinary wonders. It is enough to take tablets and after a few weeks you can fit into the dresses you have not been able to squeeze yourself in for 20 years.

Well, if someone has ever tried such products, he certainly knows how much truth there is in these promises. Nevertheless, the popularity of supplements is constantly growing. The market for these supplements beats records of its value on the yearly basis, and there is no indication that the upward trend will end any time soon.

Although most of these products are actually combinations of nearly meaningless ingredients, there are some gems on the market which to a certain extent do help when slimming down.

Since recently we have heard a lot about the Prolesan Pure supplement, which came to us from the distant west, today we will look at it a little closer.

What is it?

Yes, this is indeed another dietary supplement; as usual, we can hear a variety of assurances from the manufacturer, and the company promises a lot in this case. There is even the possibility of losing up to 14 kg in just one month. In addition, there is absence of the unpleasant yo-yo effect, cleansing of the body, getting rid of dangerous cholesterol and improving metabolism, and thus more vital energy.

Well, remember that dietary supplements should always be treated as support for the body. Nothing happens on its own. Slimming is a process that requires self-denial and taking specific steps. The first one should be visiting a dietitian and subsequent adherence to the nutrition plan. The second one is increased physical activity. Taking the supplement is the third step, but it is also an important one.

Many people run out of the motivation to lose weight due to the fact that they do not see the immediate effects of their sacrifice. Supplementation, such as Prolesan Pure, is supposed to change it. With your own work input, you can see decreasing numbers on the scale sooner. Believe us; it always encourages one to make an even greater effort.

The manufacturer assures us that he has developed a special, two-phase formula that is patented and closely guarded. The first stage is the cleansing of the body and, consequently, metabolism improvement. In the second phase, according to the assurances, the phenomenon of breaking up fat cells should take place. Thanks to this, the loss of weight should be visible much faster.


As is always the case with natural supplements, you should not only follow its dosing recommendations, but also take the product regularly, at about the same time of the day. Prolesan Pure is available in the form of tablets and the manufacturer recommends taking 2 of them each day.

You should take one tablet in the morning and the next in the afternoon at dinner time. It is recommended to use the product about half an hour before the meal, that is before breakfast and dinner. The tablets must be taken daily, always with plenty of water.

Possible side effects?

A guarantee of authenticity, quality and satisfaction. All this is offered by the manufacturer on his website and it is supposed to be the result of the composition being fully natural. As the company assures, the formula has been developed in such a way that it is safe even for people prone to allergies and sensitization. So, there is really no reason to be afraid of negative side effects of its use. Importantly, the product is sold in the European Union. Supplements must meet certain quality requirements if selling them is be allowed within the Union.

Composition of the product

You must be curious about what’s in the supplement, correct? Unfortunately, we do not have good information. The manufacturer does not want to brag about the ingredients on his site and it is understandable. You probably remember that we have already mentioned a patented and closely guarded formula, right? This is probably the reason why we will not find any composition information on the official website.

We can find a bit of information on unofficial websites. Thanks to this, we know that there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in the composition, as well as extracts of Chinese magnolia vine, garcinia cambogia and pinastrophic undaria. Remember, though, that this information comes from unofficial sources and therefore you cannot fully trust it. Certainly, the manufacturer gives all his customers the guarantee that the composition is completely natural, and therefore safe for health.

Users’ reviews?

This product has only become available recently, but it has been sold around the world for a long time and therefore finding reviews does not pose a problem. Although it is difficult to find people who have really lost so much weight in such a short time, there is no doubt that the product gathers good reviews.

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The comments frequently mention body cleansing manifested by greater vitality. Many people notice a much faster loss of body fat, which encourages more intense efforts to achieve the right weight. It is very possible that this motivation is the main secret of this formula.

Possible substitute?

Once again, we have to return to the formula on which the Prolesan Pure supplement is based. Its is patented and closely guarded by the manufacturer, so if you look for substitutes, you will definitely be disappointed. Yes, there are similar products on the market, but we warn against purchasing them.

They may only bear a resemblance to the original composition and it is not so bad if we simply do not see satisfactory results, as supplements from an untested source may be dangerous for health and therefore we strongly discourage their purchase. If you want to try, you should bet on the original product.

Where can it be bought and what is the price?

Since we have already mentioned the authenticity, remember that only ordering the Prolesan Pure supplement Prolesan Pure is sold only via the internet and on the manufacturer’s website. guarantees its authenticity and safety of use.

This is due to the lack of additional distribution. As the company argues on its website, they want to offer their customers satisfaction, and therefore pleasing results.

The price at first glance may look discouraging because it is over EUR 70 for one package. It does not have to be that bad, though. It is enough to visit the company’s website on a regular basis, as it frequently offers limited-time promotions. We have recently seen this product at a price of just over EUR30, so it is really worth checking regularly.

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Prolesan Pure - reviews:

  1. One question puzzles me, how long should one use this product to really avoid the yo-yo effect? I have reached a satisfying weight twice already, and then I quickly got fat again. It’s a disaster! I’m at my wits’ end. Let me know if it really prevents this nasty effect.

  2. Hello. I’m looking for real opinions about this supplement. Please comment if you have decided to buy it. Let me know about the results and if anything is happening at all. I’ll be uber grateful because it is pricey…

  3. Does anybody know if maybe a chain of internet pharmacies offers this? I’m counting on a lower price, even the reduced one is a lot for my wallet, but being overweight is killing me, not just physically, also emotionally…

    1. Prolesan Pure – today 03.10.23 – 1 package FOR FREE

    2. only official website

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