Ovashape – does the recently famous cream really improve breasts, just like the ads say? Your opinions

The small breast complex is a problem that affects a substantial proportion of women around the world. Dissatisfaction with their appearance can have serious consequences.

It is primarily the psyche that suffers from this, which, as we know, has a direct impact on your health. Many women are ashamed of their bodies, withdraw from social life, and often fall into severe depression. Therefore, breast augmentation is a dream for many. But does it always mean that you have to undergo surgery? Or maybe there are other, cheaper and, above all, safer methods? Check it now!

A few facts about natural and surgical breast augmentation

When you think about the topic of breast augmentation, indeed, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, a surgical operation. That’s no surprise. As statistics show, as many as 12 million plastic surgeries are performed annually worldwide. A large part of them concerns the correction of the breasts’ size and shape, and this number is continually increasing every year.

Woman breastsOne thing cannot be denied – plastic surgery is becoming more and more effective and safe. The latest technological achievements and the knowledge gained over the years are used. The experience of the surgeon is of crucial importance here. Unfortunately, there are many clinics on the market that are unprofessional in their work. Cases of severe postoperative complications are not uncommon, and one should be aware of this. Costs are also an issue. For obvious reasons, plastic surgery is not reimbursed by any insurance. Breast augmentation costs a fortune, is associated with convalescence, and many discomforts, and therefore many women decide not to get it.

However, surgical intervention is not the only option that can be used. There are also many more natural methods, based primarily on herbs that are safe for health. Special dietary supplements often contain saw palmetto, dill, fenugreek, or dandelion. However, their effectiveness leaves much to be desired. If they appear at all, the results are not impressive, and you have to wait a long time. As a consequence, many people give up quickly and stop taking such drugs.

The last option is cosmetics – that market is also dynamically developing in terms of breast augmentation. Various types of gels, ointments, and creams can be found in literally every drug store and pharmacy. Their composition can also be (but does not have to) based on natural plant extracts. In our opinion, cosmetics are the most reasonable and safest option for breast augmentation. Yes, you will not achieve spectacular results with surgery. But believe us, even a small change can very clearly build your ego, and that’s what it’s all about, right?

Only one question remains open – what exactly should you choose? Yes, it isn’t easy because the market is full of such products. For this reason, we decided to take a look at the interesting Ovashape cream, which has recently enjoyed growing popularity. What is this product, what is in it, and how can it help? Let’s check it!

What is it?

Raising and noticeably firming the bust, resulting in breast enlargement by up to 3 sizes. The first effects are visible even after 14 days, and all this with a guarantee of safety. So many spectacular effects are promised by the manufacturer of the special Ovashape cream. Is it really possible?

ovashape packageIn a way, yes, let us explain. During plastic surgery, surgeons usually implant silicone implants. These are small pillows that actually physically enlarge the bust. However, many women ignore their firmness. It decreases very quickly with age, which also translates into their gradual sag. Improved firmness translates into a simultaneous breast lift. As a result, they optically become larger and are the pride of every woman.

Therefore, the use of such creams can enlarge not only the bust but also the health of the skin. According to the manufacturer, this product works in 3 stages:

  • the ingredients contained in the cream penetrate deeply into the skin and stimulate the growth of glandular tissue,
  • better firmness and elasticity is the result of improved blood flow, i.e., more effective delivery of essential ingredients and cell nutrition,
  • the third stage is the increased production of estrogen, a component essential in terms of breast size, roundness, and firmness.

One more promise from this manufacturer is worth mentioning – the product will slow down the aging processes. Wrinkling skin and sagging breasts are a problem for most women, which unfortunately begins to appear relatively early. The ingredients in this cream are supposed to inhibit this process, mainly through the constant supply of valuable micronutrients derived from plant extracts.

How to use it?

woman big breastsThe form of the cream makes the use of this product straightforward and convenient. The most important thing is proper preparation. The manufacturer recommends applying it only on well-cleansed and dried skin. It is best to do this after your bath, in the morning or the evening. The cream is used only once a day. A small amount should be thoroughly spread on the breasts from the bottom, moving your fingers up. This must be done with gentle, languid circular movements.

After the treatment, you should wait a few more minutes before putting on your underwear. During this time, the cream will be entirely absorbed by the skin, so it will not leave dirty marks on the bra.

Side effects?

Safety of use is one of the essential guarantees which the manufacturer emphasizes at every step. According to the assurances, the Ovashape cream has undergone numerous, very rigorous tests in clinical conditions. Their results proved that the use of the product is entirely safe for the skin. Of course, allergic reactions can never be completely ruled out. The composition is based on natural plant extracts, so before buying, it is worth making sure that you are not allergic to any of them.


It turns out that the composition of this cream is rich. You can find 11 different ingredients in it, a large part of which are plant extracts. The most important ones include:

  • sweet almond extract – primarily a rich source of vitamins A, B, and D, which, importantly, are perfectly absorbed by the skin in this form,
  • shea butter – nourishes, moisturizes, and firms up the skin, providing it with plenty of vitamin A and E,
  • edible seaweed extract, which may affect the faster regeneration and firming of the skin,
  • Asian pennywort extract – makes the skin elastic and can stimulate breast enlargement,
  • Argan oil – a trendy ingredient in cosmetic products for the skin. It regenerates and provides plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Besides, the composition contains large amounts of hyaluronic acid. It is an ingredient commonly used in aesthetic medicine clinics to firm up the breasts.

The other ingredients include glycerin, allantoin, d-panthenol, and hydrolyzed wheat seeds.


The positive effect of this cream is confirmed by the customers themselves, many of whom publish their comments via various internet forums. They show that the promise of first results being visible after 14 days is slightly exaggerated, but the monthly treatment actually gives surprisingly good results. Ladies appreciate the effectiveness of the cream and the non-greasy texture of it, its pleasant smell, and the ease of application. The comments also confirm that this product’s use is not associated with any discomfort and negative symptoms.


Finally, we feel we should say a few words about the price because it will undoubtedly be crucial for many people. Ovashape is sold at a standard fee of PLN 319. That’s a lot for a relatively small package of cream, but a bit of patience can be quite rewarding. You need to check the current offer regularly. We have managed to find a short promotional campaign more than once, as part of which it was possible to order this product for half price – PLN 157. That already includes shipping!

Where to buy?

If you are interested in buying it, you should use the store on the manufacturer’s official website. Only there you get the guarantee that you purchase a genuine product. What’s more, buying in this place has one more advantage – a satisfaction guarantee. Clients dissatisfied with the effects can return the cream for a full refund.

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  4. I’m wondering – what if the results are already satisfactory? Should I put it away or continue using it to keep the changes?

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