Erogan – is it worth buying and using this preparation for potency? Your reviews and experiences

Huge issues with arousal, poor erection or low sperm quality that impairs conception. These are problems that seem to be characteristic of older men, but nowadays even people younger than 30 can unfortunately struggle with them.

Where is the source of the problem? Above all, in the modern lifestyle and in what we eat every day.

Lots of stress, little sleep, little exercise, and chemically processed foods and stimulants. All of the above have a negative effect on our body, reflecting very much on the quality of sex life.

Many men literally begin to be ashamed of sex, as they experience the inability to satisfy their partner as well as themselves. The market, of course, responds to this problem by providing many products that are supposed to improve the quality of sex life, at least in theory. Does Erogan stand out in any way against this background and is it a product you can trust?

What is it?

Opakowanie suplementu

This product is available in the form of a bottle containing 10ml of liquid, undoubtedly a unique solution in this field. The Erogan product should not really be treated as a medication or a typical dietary supplement, because the effects of its use are not permanent, but only temporary: they last as long as we support our body with the ingredients delivered by the product.

What can you gain, though, by having these drops at home and using them regularly? According to the manufacturer, the expected results, which are almost immediate, include the following:

  • more intense sex;
  • a longer intercourse;
  • strong erection ending with a more powerful orgasm;
  • greater sexual experience.

An additional result of the product’s use is to be the increase of the penis’ girth and length, which is achievable, as the manufacturer ensures, by expanding the blood vessels in the penis and bringing more blood to them. The penis is made of corpora cavernosa, which are filled with blood. Theoretically, the larger their capacity, the larger the penis can be.

How should it be used?

The form of drops in the case of this product may cause some consternation, because in such situations we usually deal with capsules or tablets. Fortunately, however, their dosage and use are not difficult, and certainly will not be a nuisance.

The bottle with a special dispenser allows to measure drops of the products accurately. You need to prepare 100ml of water and dilute 10 drops in it, stirring everything thoroughly. The liquid prepared in this manner can be drunk just once a day to be always ready for an intercourse, or about 20 minutes before a planned intercourse. As we mentioned, Erogan only functions as support and does not provide a lasting effect of improving erection.

Side effects?

100% certainty of delivering results and safety of use. These are the assurances that we will find directly on the manufacturer’s website, which should convince us that these drops can be used without worrying about one’s health. The company guarantees here that the product is based on an innovative, well-researched formula, which on the one hand is effective, but at the same time gentle enough not to cause any negative effects when used.

Composition of the liquid

Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s approach to sharing composition information with consumers is rather laconic. What we know for sure is a huge amount of L-arginine. It is this component that is responsible for the expansion of blood vessels and, consequently, it should affect the enlargement of the penis and a stronger erection.

In addition, we learn that the product contains various micronutrients to support L-arginine and offer a really good quality of sex life.


Because the composition information is very limited, and it is difficult to verify how these components can work effectively, we decided to look a bit more closely at the opinions of customers as there is no shortage of those on the internet. To our surprise, it really does not look tragic. While it is true that unflattering opinions also happen, most people praise the results of using these drops.

Among the most frequent advantages, one should mention a stronger erection and an actually extended intercourse. It is slightly harder to find confirmation that the product really enlarges the penis, but as you probably know, the size is not always the most important. It is worth reading the opinions on one’s own, it really is not difficult to find them online.

What are the prices and where can you buy it?

Do you have to pay a lot for a better quality of sex life? We are not able to give a solid answer to this question, because the price on the manufacturer’s website changes like in a kaleidoscope, thanks to frequent promotions.

We emphasize, by the way, that the manufacturer’s website is the only place of the official distribution of the product and only by ordering it there can you be sure that you are purchasing an original, safe and effective product.

How much can you benefit from the promotions? Frequently quite a lot, and even now you can order drops with a discount of 30%. It is best to review the website regularly and check the current prices.

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Erogan - reviews:

  1. Is it really safe and can you really drink these drops every day? I kind of doubt it :/

  2. hey peeps, if you have any information where it can be ordered at least a tiny bit cheaper, I will be very grateful. Let me know, please!

  3. Share your observations as to the results and intensity of how these drops work. I’ve never seen a potency treatment in this form, it’s a bit strange…

  4. does the manufacturer give any satisfaction guarantee, like money back if it turns out that the results are so-so? Supplements are often sold with such guarantees but I’m not seeing any info about it here.

    1. you can see it directly on the manufacturer website broo

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