Dialine – does it really work, as declared by the manufacturer? Your reviews and experiences

Did you know that in 2015 there were more than 400 million adults with diabetes? Nearly 30% of them doesn’t even know about their problem.

Even worse, according to various estimates, it’s getting worse with each year. It’s estimated that in 2040 the number of people suffering from diabetes will be nearly 650 million.

Each year up to 5 million people die of health complications related to diabetes. This hard data clearly shows you can’t ignore this problem. How to cope with it and whether there are any effective ways to mitigate its effects?

The life of diabetic is a constant struggle…how to help him?

Sadly, there is no point hoping this disease can be cured . As doctor W. Głodzik states, diabetic has to learn to cope with it throughout life. It’s a chronic and currently untreatable disease. To diagnose it means regular medical check-ups. Apart from that you have to measure your blood glucose level every day. In the early stage diabetics receive medications improving pancreatic function and forcing the production of insulin naturally. In the advanced stage, where no action of pancreas can be seen, patients simply have that hormone administered in the right dosages.

As W. Głodzik emphasizes, regularity of medical checkups is crucial in this case. The medical facility monitors the current stage of the disease and changes the way it is treated if necessary. In this case, the treatment is conservative. Patient receives medications or insulin, to slow down the body degenerating process.

The greatest danger in case of diabetes is the deterioration of vision and numerous problems related to the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It’s these irregularities connected to hearth functioning which are often accountable for deaths of diabetics.

Also, those not diagnosed with diabetes must remember about regular checkups. In the first stage the disease can be fully asymptomatic which can last for many years. However, this doesn’t mean body isn’t in pain. It’s exactly otherwise – the excess level of glucose caches organs and deteriorates the functioning of the whole body.  When the disease effects become visible its often too late. Changes have gone too far and can’t be treated.

So, check yourself regularly – nothing stands in way of you getting a glucose meter and checking your own blood sugar level. If you happen to see any abnormalities, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. Remember that in youth’s diabetes is often only a transition phase, traced back to inappropriate eating habits, stress and lack of movement. Change in the lifestyle often helps and you can get to know thanks to medical consultation how to treat this problem.

If you happen to struggle with that disease, you don’t have to limit yourself to taking medications or insulin. There are many special dietary supplements supposed to support the body in a more effective fight with that disease. One of them is Dialine and today we will take a closer look at it.

What kind of product it is and what for was it made?

Dietary supplement Dialine is marketed as a product. improving the quality of life of diabetics. Its regular usage is said to protect internal organs, improve organ function and increase the efficiency of glucose use.

The company guarantees, among other things, the following effects:

  • reducing the risk of sudden, uncontrolled, spikes in blood sugar levels
  • more effective conversion of glucose into energy, which reduces its overall level and protects the blood vessels,
  • supporting metabolism and helps to lose weight, which is a typical problem for many diabetics.

The product is in fact dedicated not only to ones suffering from the most advanced stage of diabetes namely type 2. It can also support the initial phase of treatment of this disease improving the functioning of the body and regulating glucose levels.

It is said that supporting the regenerative process of damaged organs is also a benefit of this supplement. This applies especially to the liver, heart, kidney and eyes. The product should also  protect against blindness, which affects many long-time sufferers from type 2 diabetes. Blood vessels are also protected, which reduces the risk of stroke or myocardial infarction.

How to use it properly?

Dialine dietary supplement is sold in a form of small, easy to swallow pills. In the case of this product, sticking to the dosage recommendations is crucial. You should take one pill, once a day, preferably in the morning just before the meal. The manufacturer recommends the treatment should last at least 30 days. Only after this time clear, positive effects should be visible.

Possible side effects?

Dialine is said to ensure high operational efficiency, but is it also safe for your health? The company emphasizes the completely natural ingredients, ensuring lack of any adverse side effects. As can be seen on the official website, the product has successfully passed numerous clinical trials.  The company states, among all tests have shown that the average blood glucose drop ranges from 30 to even 40%.

Product composition

Since the composition is natural, you are surely interested what’s inside those interesting pills, right? Fortunately, this is not a secret and the basic list of ingredients is available on the website. Among them we can read in particular:

  • Pterocarpus (plant from Fabaceae family) – primarily limits the absorption of glucose from the blood into the cells, reducing its concentration,
  • Syzygium cumini– stimulates pancreas function, it reduces sugar levels and can support the body in getting rid of bad cholesterol,
  • Gurmar leaf extract – improves glucose usage efficiency, reduces appetite and protects the cardiovascular system.

Without a doubt, these ingredients are completely natural. Unfortunately, manufacturer gives only these, and we can’t confirm what the pills were made from.

User reviews?

Surely dietary supplement Dialine has a very good reputation among its users. We’ve read many comments and based on them the product looks very reliable. Many people boast of a significant drop in blood glucose levels, improved wellbeing and less appetite, which makes it easier to maintain proper weight. At the same time, we were unable to find information on the more serious, negative side effects.

Current price

The last thing is, of course the price. It is worth noting, one package contains 20 pills. If used accordingly with the recommendations it won’t last you whole month of treatment. Keeping that in mind, base price of this supplement doesn’t look good. Currently it’s 358 PLN, but it turns out you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket.

At the time of writing this article, the manufacturer was selling this supplement for half the price, i.e. 179 PLN. This is a sale, but from our observations it looks like these repeat regularly. So, if current price is higher, you should check the website regularly. It is very possible that you will find an interesting sale again.

Where to buy it?

Finally, a few more words about the purchase place. We advise against purchasing the supplement in an unproven place. The manufacturer stresses that he sells Dialine exclusively on the official website. There is a short order form that you just need to fill out and then wait for delivery.

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Dialine - reviews:

  1. I have a question whether women with so-called gestational diabetes, is it also effective? We want to have a child, and unfortunately, I know that I might encounter this problem. I prefer to think in advance about how to deal with it. I would be grateful for your information.

  2. Hello, please tell me how long you have waited for the delivery, I looked for this information on the site, but there is nothing there. Does anyone know if they also ship it outside of Poland?

  3. Can’t you really buy it any cheaper? I’ve been looking for it for some time, but I think it’s sold only on the manufacturer’s website…if you found another store then please let me know.

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