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Blood pressure of 140/90 is considered the limit by the medical world. Above that, we can consider it a disease. Of course, it’s nothing unusual ex.

During exercise, but if more and more resting measurements go above this value, we have a serious problem on our hands. According to Dr. W. Borkowski, it is estimated that as much as 20% of adult population is suffering from this disease. One has to remember that early detection will allow for immediate treatment, which will limit the negative effects of long term hypertension. Aside from that, you should also support your own body with proper nutrients necessary for proper function.

Currently, because of our high stress lifestyles, it’s not easy…

The hypertension problem is prevalent not only in our country, but in all developing or developed countries. According to WHO, almost 33% of the world population doesn’t even know they’re sick. What’s even worse, statistics say that hypertension is currently the leading cause of death. At the same time, it is estimated that the number of people suffering from it might double by 2025! Where does this problem come from anyway?

Without a doubt, the modern lifestyle impacts it heavily. Constant high speed, stress, and loads of responsibilities and problems – that impacts your heart in a bad way. W. Borkowski also mentions obesity, which is considered a civilization disease. It puts a lot of strain on the heart, which leads to hypertension.

Other negative factors are smoking tobacco products, unhealthy diets, overusing coffee or other caffeinated products, and a sedentary lifestyle .Lots of people work in offices, relax at home in front of the TV, and move around the city in cars. Lack of physical activity is another reason mentioned by Dr. W. Borkowski.

According to him, the best medicine to protect yourself against illness is to change your lifestyle. Regular, healthy and possibly natural meals. To pair with it, more exercise – even a short walk in the evening allows the heart and the whole body to have a break. One should also quit tobacco addiction and limit their caffeine intake.

Hypertension as it is cannot be cured. The pharmacology is symptomatic, so taking the medicines regularly normalizes blood pressure. The body can also be supported by providing it with ingredients necessary for proper functioning. Dietary supplements come to the rescue. One of them is Cardiline, and here we will give it a closer look.

Cardiline – what is it?

Strokes and heart attacks are the main threats resulting directly from underestimating the problem of hypertension. Cardaline, as its manufacturer assures, is a supplement providing important ingredients that guarantee the proper functioning of the cardiac and circulatory systems. The company responsible for its production boasts, among other things, that pressure normalization is visible already after 6 hours from the first dose.

Importantly, according to the manufacturer, it can be taken by everyone, regardless of the advancement of their condition. It is important to remember that hypertension can be categorized into several degrees of seriousness. The more serious it is, the bigger the danger of a stroke, heart attack, or even death! We naturally have to warn against treating this dietary supplement as a “cure”. It should only be considered support for classic medicine. If you notice high blood pressure levels, you should consult a doctor immediately and listen to doctor orders!

At the end, I have to mention that the manufacturer claims that the product has gone through complex research on several volunteer groups. You can find the results on the website, and the conclusion is that all the persons have noticed normalized blood pressure after taking the product. Simultaneously, 99% of them experienced lessened arrhythmia symptoms, which is a condition that often accompanies hypertension.

Proper dosage of the product

Natural dietary supplements, which is what Cardaline claims to be, have to be taken regularly, ideally at constant times. If you decide to buy it, remember to abide by the manufacturer’s recommendations.

In this case, the recommended dosage is two capsules a day, taken once a day each. The manufacturer recommends to take each of them with a meal, ideally the first one in the morning, and the second one at lunchtime. The estimated time of treatment is 3 months, and it can be prolonged if needed.

Each package contains 20 capsules, so it’s enough only for 10 days of treatment according to manufacturer’s recommendation.

Any side effects?

We must once again stress that the manufacturer of this product boasts of a fully natural formula. It’s supposedly a guarantee of lack of side effects of using it. The fact the formula has gone through clinical trials and was given to a group of volunteers that have never reported any unwanted results is definitely a good thing.

At the same time, the manufacturer guarantees that using the capsules will not cause a rapid blood pressure loss. For people with acute hypertension, such a rapid change would be very dangerous. The product works gently, gradually normalizing the pressure.

The composition of the product

If the product is so natural, then what interesting ingredients ended up in it? Luckily, we can check, since the manufacturer lists all ingredients on their website. If we are to believe that, the product contains:

  • nettle extract – a well-known herbal medicine ingredient, supporting the work of the heart and the circulatory system,
  • Hawthorn extract – above all, it has a positive effect on normalizing blood cholesterol,
  • B1, B2 and B6 vitamins,
  • valerian root extract – it not only lowers blood pressure, but also supports the proper functioning of the central nervous system.


Good customer reviews concerning this product were a huge surprise for us. Looking through various internet forums and websites, we’ve encountered many positive comments about this product. The effectiveness, lack of negative side effects, and the affordable price of the capsules – such information are common. Many customers complain about the price, which, in their opinion, is too high.


Since we’re already on price, you’re probably curious how much Cardiline costs? As I mentioned before, one package contains 20 capsules, which is enough for 10 days. One package isn’t cheap, as it’s priced at 358pln. But this is only the base price, and we don’t point that out for no reason. We have managed to confirm that the manufacturer puts the product on sale on his website very often. Even right now, at the moment of writing this article, you can buy this product for 50% off, for 179pln. If you’re interested in it, you should just wait for a deal.

Where can you buy this product?

The manufacturer’s website has been mentioned for a reason – the official online store is the only place where you can safely buy Cardiline. Even though it is sold in other places, we do not advise taking advantage of those offers. The manufacturer officially informs that they do not run any additional distribution for resale. Buying from an uncertain source might mean buying a fake that might not be effective and might cause a threat to your health.

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Cardiline - reviews:

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