Bioxelan – does it really work in the way the manufacturer says? Your reviews and experiences

Aging of the skin is a natural process which every woman tries to fight as effectively as possible. Unfortunately, it often happens that good health makes us feel young, but the appearance of our skin does not even correspond with our actual age.

Deepening wrinkles on different parts of the face make us look older, and removing them can be extremely difficult.

However, are we doomed to resort only to dangerous surgeries, such as botox injection? Maybe not, because there is quite an interesting cream on the market – Bioxelan. What does the manufacturer guarantee and what does its activity consist in?

What kind of cream is it?


On our market, there are lots of cosmetic products designed to regenerate our skin and reduce wrinkles and it’s easy to get lost in them. Unfortunately, the main problem is that most of them either do not work at all or work only to some extent, providing help to slightly younger people, but not bringing satisfactory results in much older people.

Bioxelan is unique in this respect, as it is difficult to find on the market creams designed to eliminate the problem of wrinkles for people of all ages. Dealing with this issue is associated primarily with the search for products suited to our skin and age. Is it possible, then, to create a universal cream that can cope effectively with any type of wrinkles?

According to the manufacturer of this cosmetic, it is possible. On the official website we find not only a detailed description of how it works, but also many test results, which were conducted on a large group of women volunteers. Their results turn out to be surprising. The vast majority of women noticed in a short period of time that the skin was smoother, its nutrition improved and it regained its former color.

From the information provided by the manufacturer, we can also learn that the cream is the result of many years of work by a team of experienced scientists who sought to find a compromise in the ingredients of the product. The idea was to make the composition provide satisfactory results to every person, regardless of age and how deep the problem with wrinkles is.

The assurances are quite impressive. Even 6 days of applying the cream is to accomplish visible smoothing of the face contour. After 15 days wrinkles in the corners of the eyes disappear, and 22 days give full smoothing and removal of even deep wrinkles.

Composition of the product

Effect of fertilization?

Before we even get into the composition, it is worth saying a few words about what really causes the appearance of wrinkles. It is true that the most important reason is age, but contrary to appearances, this problem does not only affect people over 50 years of age.

The main reason is the loss of collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity of our skin. The production of this ingredient begins to drop at the age of 25, so really very early. As if that was not enough, we live in a polluted environment, we eat unhealthily, have little exercise and live a stressful life. All this only deepens the loss of collagen, and less flexible skin deforms permanently in the places where it creases.

The main task of this cream is then to restore the correct level of collagen and thus improve the elasticity of the skin. Thus, in the composition we will find the following:

  • hydrolyzed elastin;
  • aloe gel;
  • extract of rosemary and green tea;
  • apricot root oil.

The composition is quite inconspicuous, but it is really interesting how all these ingredients work. They are rich in elements that naturally stimulate the skin to produce collagen, and hence, they contribute to its smoothing.

Side effects – do you have to be afraid?

Perfect skin?

While typical creams available in drugstores are based mainly on chemical components (often even derivatives of crude oil), here we are dealing with a fully natural composition. This is a very big advantage. Typical creams can cause different allergic reactions in many people. What is more, they are most often selected for specific types of skin. A bad choice can also cause undesirable side effects.

Bioxelan is natural, and this means that the risk of complications associated with its use is basically limited to an absolute minimum. The type of our complexion is not important, neither. It can be used both by people with oily and mixed complexion, as well as very dry skin.

Customers’ reviews

The cream is not new to the market, and therefore it is not a problem to find its reviews. We decided to take a closer look at them, as the manufacturer’s assurances are not enough to make sure that the product is actually effective in its use and safe at the same time.

Most users of the product actually observe very positive changes in their skin in a relatively short time. Women praise not only the effective smoothing of even very deep wrinkles, but also a visible reduction of eye shadows that can add many years to one’s look.

We did not find any disturbing information related to side effects. At the most, minor allergic reactions can be triggered if a person is sensitive to one of the components found in the product.

What is the price and where to buy it safely?

If you want to literally see for yourself how this product works, we recommend buying it directly on the manufacturer’s website. This solution is the safest and, in fact, the only one, because the company informs that it sells the product only through its own website.

How much will you pay for the cream? The manufacturer regularly organizes sales promotions and even at the moment you can order one jar for PLN 165 instead of the standard PLN 219. There are also interesting package deals available. Ordering 2 more jars, we get one for free, and with 3 jars we will get a total of 5, so 2 are free. It is worth even to get together with family or friends and place combined orders, thus saving your money.

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Bioxelan - reviews:

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  2. One crucial question. You can only order through the manufacturer’s website, but is there an COD option, or do you have to pay in advance???

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  6. It worked well for still using it

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  8. Is this cream recommended for women only?

  9. I am fair in complexion, i do have eczema each time i change cream and soap , i have never find a perfect cream for my skin, please i need solution to my problem and is really bothering me

  10. How can someone outside kenya get this product?

  11. How do i get it in kenya – kisumu

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